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Own your story

I am sure you have come across stories that are written in the third person. They don’t sound as compelling as those written in the first person.

When stories are written in the first person, it’s usually easier to connect; you tend to go on a journey with the writer and you can easily forget that it’s only a fiction.

Everyone of us has a story to tell. Your life is a story which only you can accurately tell. But oftentimes, we allow others take ownership of our story and tell it for us as they deem fit.

I recall a time in my life when one of my former bosses wanted to own my story. In a bid to demonstrate knowledge of a deserved future for me, a storyline was formulated which was contrary to what I believed to be my worth and I was being convinced to accept it. When potential employers called to get a reference on me, it would be told to tell them that I would be willing to take any role in the company other than the one which I applied for!

This was meant in good fate, just to help get me hired by such company anyhow. But this backfired on me because I had my mind set on a specific role and I ended up being offered a lower role which I politely turned down.

There is a danger when you refuse to take ownership of the story of your life.

When there is a vacuum, someone steps in and becomes the authoritative voice on the subject.

Taking ownership of your story would require acceptance of responsibility over your choices, decisions and results. I once read, that life is a canvas and our attitude is the paint brush. This ties so well into owning your life story. The paint brush is in your hand, you have a blank easel in front of you.

What colours will you use to paint your life’s story?

Will you choose bright colours of hope, positivity and growth?

Will you choose neutral colours of indifference?

Will you choose dull colours of gloom, despair and negativity?

I have chosen to tell my own story using bright colours.

One thing I believe, is that you can rewrite your own story at any point in time if you decide. It’s all in your hands.

Choose to do so by investing in personal growth in order to fulfil your potential.


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