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Declutter! declutter! Declutter!

Let me share with you an exercise that can help make significant progress in improving your performance and that is decluttering. Just a reminder what decluttering does: it’s a process of removing unnecessary stuff. There are 3 key areas you should be intentional about decluttering in your life:

  • Your mind

  • Your heart

  • Your environment

If we don’t consciously declutter our mind, we will find that there is a lot of stuff stored in there from the past which should have been buried but have not. Those unwanted thoughts deny us space for new, useful and progressive ideas/thoughts.

Our heart is the home of our emotions, if we are not consistently auditing our emotions, we will find that we have given space to emotions that don’t serve us well such as fear, doubt and envy instead of housing emotions that will help us grow and become better.

Our environment has a great influence on our results. A neat and tidy environment can help you think properly. Sometimes we hold on to things that we should have gotten rid of ages ago. Then we keep adding new items until our environment becomes cluttered.

Decluttering gives us the freedom to elevate our thinking, change our attitude and improve our results.

How can you declutter?

  • Create time to spend alone with a writing material as your companion. Take an inventory of your thoughts, write them down. Review your list, mark the thoughts that need to go in RED and those that need to stay in GREEN. Every thought that has been marked red needs to be replaced with a more profitable thought. Come up with the thoughts you need to think going forward which will help you achieve your desired results, write them down. Be intentional about feeding your mind with those thoughts everyday.

  • Take an inventory of your emotions: ask yourself, what emotions do I display most often? What impact do they have on my life? If the impact is negative, then decide what emotions you want to begin to experience daily, write them down and focus on nurturing those emotions.

  • Carry out an audit of your home, do you have a lot of things you haven’t used in a long time? I’m sure you do, we all do! There may be stuff that bring back sad memories. It’s a good time to bury those memories by binning those stuff. Be decisive in getting rid of stuff which are occupying space but are not useful. Create a physical environment that will promote the life you want to live, not one that will keep reminding you of your unhappy past.

Are you ready to move forward in the direction of greater effectiveness and better results? The best time to start the decluttering process is: NOW!


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