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Starts 3 Jan 2022

CHF 199

Online Meetup

Are you ready to change the trajectory of your life?

Are you ready to STRETCH, GROW and BECOME the best version of yourself?

Then, this program is specially designed for YOU.

There is a gap between where you are and where we could be. To close that gap, you need to grow. However, growth doesn’t happen because we want it. It is a process that requires hard work and discipline.

This program will teach you foundational principles of personal growth, new habits and help you build the discipline required to begin a life of growth and transformation.

There are two types of pain in life; pain of growth and pain of regret. If you don’t endure the pain to grow when you have the chance, you will have to live with the pain of regret for a life that could have been different.

Which would you choose?

30 Days Personal Growth Journey



Daily videos

Throughout the 30 days of this program, you will receive a short video with teaching and tasks for the day which is to be completed and reported.

Weekly Check-in calls

During the program, we will have weekly calls where you can ask the Coach questions, share your success stories and challenges and receive encouragement needed to succeed.

Group Support

You will be part of a group chat where you will be required to post your daily activity log and remain connected.


At the start of the program, you will receive a workbook to help you document your learning experience. 

Peer Accountability

Statistics shows that we are 95% more likely to carry out a task if we are accountable to someone.  As part of the growth journey, you will be paired with an accountability partner and both of you will hold each other accountable for goals you will set for the program.


- personal growth plan

- webinars on personal growth topics


-personal growth coaching session

The set-up of the program by Coach Stella meant I had things to work on everyday as I sought to grow as a person & professional.

The 30-day personal growth journey at the start of 2021 was an excellent program with which to start the year.

I got to question certain assertions and ways I functioned and I’m very happy to say I'm an improved version of myself.


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