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G.E.A.R. Coaching


Starts Oct. 20 2022

CHF 429

Online Meetup

I believe I know some things about you and your current situation...


I know you're a hard-working professional or entrepreneur who dreams of becoming a highly successful professional or entrepreneur.


Currently, you're focused on achieving success and reaching your goals, right?


So, let me ask you a question...


Would you be ecstatic if you could prove to yourself that you can be successful, believe it's possible for you to achieve great results, and discover how to reach your maximum potential?


Because if you could do those things, ultimately, that would mean you could achieve the level of success you've always dreamed of and not only find your own success, but equip others to reach their goals too! (Which would be amazing!)


Unfortunately, I also get the sense there are some roadblocks for you here, including figuring out how to:

  • Build a daily plan to reach success

  • Overcome imposter syndrome and limiting belief

  • Conquer any unexpected obstacles on your journey; and

  • Sustain energy and drive as you develop along the way.


Sound familiar?


Another thing...

Are you also really frustrated by the fact that other people don't always support you on your success journey, the road to success can feel awfully lonely, and people (who don't know what they're talking about) constantly give you conflicting advice?


Plus, do you constantly ask yourself these questions about how to move forward?:

  • Is what I'm doing now to find success actually going to work?

  • How do I keep myself from getting distracted (bright shiny object syndrome)  or sidelined on my journey to success?

  • How can you be your best possible self?

  • What is stopping you from moving forward?



If this sounds at all like you... If you want to make your success a reality, enjoy the life you've always wanted, ... then this G.E.A.R Group Coaching Program is definitely for you.

G - GROW out of your comfort zone

E - ELEVATE yourself to embrace new opportunities

A - ADVANCE towards your goal

R - REACH for your potential

Here's what the program is about:

Learn, discuss, commit to take action, report on results, grow! All in a safe environment with other likeminded people. 

Group size: 10

Meeting days: Every  Thursday starting from October 20th- November 24th, 2022 (6 sessions).

Bonus: 1 additional session on Personal growth Coaching.

If you are a professional who is interested in your personal development or if you are a company who is interested in the development of your employees when it comes to performance management, time management and conflict resolution, I definitely recommend Stella as a partner in your growth.


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